Reggae Girlz are CFU No. 1 at year’s end.

Reggae Girlz top among the Caribbean Football Union 

Reggae Girlz are CFU No. 1 at year’s end.

In the FIFA World Rankings at the end of 2023, the Jamaica women’s national

team was ranked highest among the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).

The Jamaicans are currently the fourth-highest-ranked team in the Concacaf region and one of five

CFU teams inside the world’s top 100.  Having dropped three spots to 40th in the most recent world rankings released by the governing body of the sport.

The highlight of the year for the Reggae Girlz, as they are known, was earning a spot in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will take place in Australia and New Zealand from July 20 to August 20.

They had previously finished third in the Concacaf Women’s Championship with a 1-0 victory over Costa Rica in July.

The Jamaicans advanced to the second round of the World Cup after losing to Colombia 1-0.  But they did manage a 1-0 victory over fellow Concacaf team Panama in between two heartening draws against France and Brazil.

In September, the Reggae Girlz were defeated 4-1 on aggregate by the reigning champions Canada in Concacaf qualification, preventing them from earning a spot at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.


A disagreement with the Jamaica Football Federation arose in the latter quarter of the year after a diminished team participated in the Pan American Games.

It was unable to secure a spot in the Concacaf Women’s Gold Cup,

preventing the team from experiencing any more success.

The majority of the other CFU teams participated in confederation qualification events,

which may have improved or hurt their rankings.

The other four CFU teams in the FIFA top 100 are: Guyana, down two spots at 87th (10th in Concacaf);

Haiti, up one spot to 51st (sixth in Concacaf);

Trinidad & Tobago, down three spots to 78th (eighth in Concacaf); and Cuba, up six spots to 89th (11th in Concacaf).

Puerto Rico, which is ranked 103rd (12th in Concacaf), the Dominican Republic,

which is ranked 107th (14th in Concacaf), Suriname, which is ranked 132nd (17th in Concacaf),

St. Kitts and Nevis, which is ranked 138th (18th in Concacaf), and Bermuda, which is ranked 143rd (19th in Concacaf), round out the CFU top 10.

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