Ben Johnson’s decision to remain with the Detroit Lions is a daring move.

Ben Johnson’s decision to remain with the Detroit Lions is a daring move.

Ben Johnson, much like his superior, demonstrates a willingness to embrace risks.

His unexpected decision to return as the Detroit Lions‘ offensive coordinator, despite speculation of a promotion following the team’s highly successful season, has raised eyebrows in the NFL coaching landscape.

Johnson, a 37-year-old innovator, opted to remain with the Lions rather than pursue

opportunities with the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Commanders.

In a league where coaching positions are highly coveted, Johnson’s choice to stay with the Lions reflects a commitment to betting on his own potential for future, more favorable opportunities.

While his decision is commendable, it prompts questions about the perceived

competitiveness of the Seahawks and Commanders.

Speculation arises regarding whether Johnson sees potential Super Bowl contention with either franchise or if a specific job caught his interest.

Adam Schefter’s tweet adds a layer of mystery, suggesting concerns about salary demands, though the validity of such information remains uncertain.

Johnson’s youth plays to his advantage, aligning with the impatience of NFL owners.

The coaching landscape typically sees numerous openings each year, making

Johnson a prime candidate for high-profile positions in the future.

By choosing to stick with the Lions, Johnson positions himself as a leading coaching candidate in the upcoming seasons, potentially becoming the most sought-after candidate after Bill Belichick.

Despite the uncertainties in the NFL, the Lions’ recent success and promising foundation,

characterized by young, skilled players and a strong offensive line, contribute to the optimism surrounding Johnson’s decision.

The team’s offensive prowess, creativity, and the potential extension of quarterback

Jared Goff’s contract further add to the positive outlook.

While there are no guarantees in the competitive landscape of the NFL, the Lions’ solid

foundation and the potential for offensive excellence provide a promising backdrop for Johnson’s continued growth as a coach.

As he navigates his coaching career, Johnson has the luxury of time to select the right head

coaching opportunity for his future endeavors.

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