Toxicology Results Revealed for 3 Kansas City Chiefs Fans Discovered Frozen and Deceased

Toxicology Results Revealed for 3 Kansas City Chiefs Fans Discovered Frozen and Deceased

The recent and perplexing case of Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead and frozen at their friend’s house has stirred speculation.

In a surprising revelation this week, it was reported that the individuals froze during the

Chiefs game against the Los Angeles Chargers in week 18.

The homeowner, where the tragic incident occurred, claims ignorance of his friends’ deaths

outside for potentially several days, sparking widespread conjecture among fans.

A recent update involves a family member of one victim, Ricky Johnson’s father, who suspects foul play, suggesting the possibility of the victims being drugged and left for dead.

Despite the father’s claim, the police have not deemed the deaths suspicious and are yet to

confirm the involvement of drugs or alcohol.

The homeowner denies any knowledge of his friends’ demise, citing he was asleep with

headphones on during the game.

Ricky Johnson’s father, however, contends that his son was responsible and wouldn’t be outdoors without proper attire. He proposes a theory that the homeowner may have drugged and intentionally left them outside.

The victim’s mother echoes similar sentiments, questioning how responsible men could freeze to death in the backyard.

Despite these suspicions by the Johnson family, the Kansas City Police Department maintains

that foul play is not suspected, awaiting autopsy reports for confirmation.

The homeowner, Josh Willis, who changed his story multiple times, later admitted

struggling with a severe drug problem and checked into rehab.

Toxicology reports indicate the presence of cocaine, fentanyl, and THC in the men’s systems,

shedding light on possible causes of death.

Host John Walsh initially suspected fentanyl, a deadly drug, as a likely cause, and

the recent toxicology reports confirm its role in the tragic incident.

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