Warner recognizes the need for the 49ers to enhance their defensive performance ahead of the Super Bowl

Warner recognizes the need for the 49ers to enhance their defensive performance ahead of the Super Bowl

In the second quarter of the NFC Championship Game triumph against the Detroit Lions at Levi’s Stadium, Detroit running back Jahmyr Gibbs effortlessly dashed 15 yards for a touchdown, revealing a concerning lack of effort from the 49ers’ defense.

This lapse allowed the Lions to secure a 14-point lead.

When questioned about the play and his team’s overall defensive effort, 49ers

coach Kyle Shanahan expressed concern, acknowledging that such plays don’t align with the team’s culture.

Shanahan emphasized that the defensive breakdown wasn’t solely attributable to the

defensive line, pointing out lapses from backside players who failed to engage, expecting others to make the tackle.

Linebacker Fred Warner, instead of singling out specific players, stressed the need for the entire defense to self-reflect.

He admitted personal moments of subpar effort in the game, emphasizing the importance of consistency and setting an example.

Despite the 49ers’ reputation for toughness, Warner recognizes the critical nature of the upcoming Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Any lapses in defensive effort could jeopardize their goal, emphasizing the need

for consistent dedication in both games and practice sessions leading up to the championship match on Sunday, February 11.

Looking ahead to the Super Bowl rematch, Warner draws from the painful memory

of the 49ers‘ loss in Super Bowl LIV to the Chiefs.

The team had a 10-point lead late in the game, only to see it slip away in the final moments.

This experience has left a lasting impact on Warner, instilling a mindset to play with unwavering focus until the clock hits zero.

Despite the comparisons to the previous Super Bowl, Warner stresses the differences in

team composition and the importance of preparing for the upcoming game as a unique challenge.

The 49ers’ journey in the 2023 postseason has been marked by come-from-behind victories, indicating a more battle-tested and mature team.

Warner, along with the veterans in the locker room, emphasizes the urgency and effort required to play a full 60 minutes.

As they begin preparations for the final contest of the season, the team aims to fine-tune their game plan before heading to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11, at 3:30 pm P.T.

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