Everton: Ben Godfrey’s ’embarrassing’ act has left many wondering if Goodison will leave.

Everton: Ben Godfrey’s ’embarrassing’ act has left many wondering if Goodison will leave.

According to Bryan King, a former scout at Goodison Park, the center-back went down following what seemed like a harmless challenge from the former Toffees striker on Saturday, February 3rd.

King has also indicated that Everton might reconsider the player’s situation

this summer after he was heavily rumored to leave during the January transfer window.

In an interview with Goodison News, King stated, “We’re uncertain about his

contract status, but I don’t think Everton could afford to let anyone go, to be honest.

According to Sean Dyche, the decision was made before the transfer window opened

that no player would leave.”

“There are only 11 players who can start, and to earn a place in that starting lineup,

you need to work hard in training, display a positive attitude, show loyalty to Everton and the fans,

and demonstrate a

commitment to keeping the club in the Premier League,” King continued.

“If he’s not meeting those expectations, then it’s necessary to say, ‘look, we’ll reconsider the

situation in the summer, but until then, you need to perform in whatever team you’re selected for.

‘ I felt he appeared somewhat disorganized against Tottenham,

and some of his tackles were questionable.”

“I didn’t appreciate his attitude in the situation where he pretended to be injured.

I wouldn’t want him on my team. It was embarrassing; he didn’t even receive contact, yet he

went down as if he had suffered a severe injury.”

“Don’t these players realize that there are instant replays on TV? I find it amusing when they

react dramatically to minor incidents,” King remarked.

Godfrey made only his fourth Premier League appearance of the season in

the 2-2 draw at Goodison Park.

Despite widespread speculation last month, he has mostly been overlooked by

Dyche this season but has remained at the club.

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