Exclusive: Expert predicts how many points Everton could regain following an appeal

Exclusive: Expert predicts how many points Everton could regain following an appeal

As a sports journalist covering Everton, my role has become increasingly complicated and uncomfortable due to the recent influx of financial terminology.

Now, alongside supporting the club, I find myself grappling with accounting spreadsheets,

and every article is overshadowed by the ongoing financial challenges at Goodison Park.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to consult with someone far more knowledgeable in finance than myself to shed light on Everton’s current struggles and the appeal of November’s ten-point deduction.

Dr. Dan Plumley, a football finance expert and Chartered Global Management Accountant, was the ideal person to provide insights, given his expertise and his support for Sheffield Wednesday, a

club that has faced its own deduction controversies.

Speaking exclusively to Everton News, Dr. Plumley offered his perspective on Everton’s appeal.

He expressed his belief that there might be a slight reduction in the ten-point deduction,

although it’s more of an opinion than evidence-based due to the uncertainty surrounding the independent commission’s decision-making process. He outlined three possible outcomes:

full support for the Premier League, full support for Everton, or a compromise resulting in a

partial reduction of the deduction.

Such a reduction could potentially reignite Everton’s season, providing a much-needed boost for manager Sean Dyche and his squad.

Currently struggling near the bottom of the table, Everton would benefit significantly from even a minor reduction in points.

With upcoming matches against Crystal Palace, Brighton and Hove Albion, and West Ham

United, there’s hope that they can regain momentum and climb back to a safer position in the league standings.

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