“Shit,” a Sky analyst called the remarks made by an Everton player live on TV.

“Shit,” a Sky analyst called the remarks made by an Everton player live on TV.

Sue Smith found herself playfully silenced by fellow pundit Stephen Warnock after offering praise to Everton’s rising star Jarrad Branthwaite during a live broadcast.

Branthwaite’s impressive performances for Everton this season have garnered

attention, with clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal reportedly eyeing him as a potential target.

Despite being avid Everton supporters, Smith and Warnock hesitated to lavish too

much praise on the young centre-back, wary of encouraging interest from other clubs.

Smith remarked on Sky Sports News [19 February, 12:32], “I’ve had so many Evertonians

telling me not to praise him, to say ‘he’s not that good’.”

However, Smith couldn’t help but commend Branthwaite, highlighting his strong

partnership with James Tarkowski and his standout performance against Erling Haaland and Manchester City.

In jest, Warnock jokingly urged Smith to “shush,” prompting her to respond with, “I don’t think he’s any good.”

The buzz surrounding Branthwaite is expected to intensify in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Despite his young age, he has seamlessly integrated into Everton’s

defense and showcased his talent, even after a successful loan spell with PSV.

It’s worth noting that Branthwaite signed a new long-term contract in October,

committing to Everton until the end of the 2026-27 season, indicating the club’s intention to retain him.

Despite Smith’s attempt to keep Branthwaite under the radar, the cat is now out of the bag,

and Everton may have to contend with increased transfer interest.

Nonetheless, Everton supporters can still look forward to enjoying Branthwaite’s talent for

several seasons to come.

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