Richard Masters’ “discrimination” against Everton over the 777 takeover

Richard Masters’ “discrimination” against Everton over the 777 takeover

Joe Anderson claims that Richard Masters and the Premier League are openly discriminating against Everton and their supporters.

The former mayor of Liverpool stated on Twitter on February 24 that, given that the

process typically takes half that length, the 23-week wait for a decision regarding 777 Partners’ planned

takeover is now a display of “power,” “arrogance,” and “disrespect” for the league office.

Although the American company and Farhad Moshiri reached an agreement more than five months ago—the announcement was made on September 15—the Premier League is still

awaiting additional details before making a judgment.

The 23rd week of the purported 12-week clearance process for the 777 Partners

takeover, together with the appeals silence, Anderson noted,

“clearly shows the power arrogance, disrespect,

and discrimination being shown towards Everton FC and Fans by Richard

Masters and the Premier league.”

The Toffees are in the unenviable position of being propped up by a company

who many claim aren’t suitable owners, but without they will be scrambling for cash to keep the lights on.

Either way it is quite clear that the delays are not beneficial to anyone,

and the longer it goes on without an answer either way the more it begs the question of why.

That 777 hasn’t received approval in the allotted period clearly raises

red flags, but Masters and the League haven’t declined either.

The point deduction has already eroded public confidence in the league

office in the Goodison Park area, and the lengthy wait for an appeals decision has not helped either.

But it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that the players are suffering

from the uncertainty when Everton struggles to win on the field despite clumsy efforts.

The Premier League would no-doubt deny Anderson’s apparent accusation that they are

deliberately slowing things down, but it certainly isn’t

boosting their reputation among the club’s fanbase.

It is possible the fault lies with 777 Partners themselves, but since they are providing

millions in loans during the delay that would suggest they are even more

unsuitable than some have claimed so seems illogical.

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