Following Everton’s draw, Neal Maupay writes a note to the 32-year-old Brighton star.

Following Everton’s draw, Neal Maupay writes a note to the 32-year-old Brighton star.

Neal Maupay continues to strain his relationship with his parent club, Everton, despite being scheduled to return to them after the current season.

He appears determined to make it clear that he no longer wishes to play for the

team that invested £15 million in acquiring him.

Maupay, known for being a divisive figure, typically aims to win over supporters when he represents a club. However, his debut season at Goodison Park was exceedingly difficult, leading to his

criticism of Everton fans for their treatment of him during that period.

His recent behavior suggests a commitment to Brentford as if he had permanently

signed with them, further distancing himself from Everton.

His latest actions, following Everton’s game against Brighton, are unlikely to repair his

strained relationship with the club.

After Everton conceded a late goal against Brighton and Hove Albion, causing frustration among fans, Maupay added insult to injury by sending a congratulatory message to Lewis

Dunk, who scored the equalizing goal for Brighton. This move, viewed as tone-deaf,

saw Maupay, an Everton player, praising the opponent who had just deprived Everton of vital points.

Maupay’s conduct has fueled speculation about his departure from Everton, despite slim chances

of him returning to play under manager Sean Dyche. His performance during the previous season was

disappointing, marked by a single league goal despite a high expected goal tally.

In contrast, the positive attitude and work ethic of players like Dominic Calvert-Lewin have earned them favor with fans.

Maupay’s comment on Dunk’s post is just one instance of his behavior that has

soured his relationship with Everton supporters, making his future with the club increasingly unlikely.

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