Everton news: Lewis Dobbin and Idrissa Gueye’s injury updates follow Brighton

Everton news: Lewis Dobbin and Idrissa Gueye’s injury updates follow Brighton

Following the match against Brighton, Sean Dyche gave an update on the injuries to Everton‘s Lewis Dobbin and Idrissa Gueye.

On Saturday, February 24, the Toffees and the Seagulls shared the spoils after a 1-1 draw.

While Gueye played the first half and was limited to two minutes in the second half before

being replaced by Amadou Onana, Dobbin was not included in the matchday roster.

Using the official Twitter account for the team, Dyche stated: “Idrissa had to come off.” At the half, he claimed to be alright, but his groin spasmped. It’s too soon to say.”

Lewis Dobbin was unable to participate due to an ankle problem, but Dyche adds, “We’re hopeful that will settle down soon.”

To make sure Dobbin’s ankle injury heals appropriately and doesn’t get worse with an early return to activity, close observation is necessary.

Rushing him back could worsen the damage and delay his recuperation, increasing the chance of more setbacks.

In a similar vein, Gueye’s groin condition will also be closely examined to ascertain the

severity of the issue and the best course of action.Groin injuries can be tricky to manage, and pushing Gueye back into

action too soon could lead to a more severe strain or even a longer spell on the sidelines.

For the Toffees, it’s crucial not to rush either player back before they’re fully fit.

Rushing their return could jeopardise their long-term availability and hinder the team’s performance

Hopefully, both of them kick off the niggle and are back in action sooner rather than later.

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