Fresh setback for 777 Partner as new Everton suitors worth £1 billion surface

Fresh setback for 777 Partner as new Everton suitors worth £1 billion surface

A new group is said to have entered the game, which could salvage Everton from this 777 Partners mess.

The fan base has become increasingly irate with the Miami-based company

for causing delay after delay in what has been a one-horse race for several months.

The Premier League doesn’t seem eager to provide the latter with the stability

they need to turn around a failing ship on all fronts.

But according to this most recent report, a mysterious organization that appears to be well-funded may be putting up a massive financial escape plan.

The most recent information is provided by investigative journalist Philippe

Auclair of Eurosport, who writes on potential developments regarding Everton’s ownership.

It was probably with great joy that he was able to communicate this news,

as he and Paul Brown have been vocal opponents of 777 Partners.

The Premier League’s prudence is understandable, he adds, especially in

light of the fact that a potential new buyer who claims to be willing to spend $1 billion would have shown up.

Yes, save Everton, but not at any cost.

It is widely known that 777 Partners are far from the perfect group to own Everton.

But, at this point, with an owner that no longer cares and very few buyers desperate to get involved in

this financial mess, they were simply the only option.

But the time it has taken the Premier League to ratify them speaks volumes

for their ability as custodians of a football club, unable to provide the necessary information, and

clearly without the massive funds needed to ease the process.

They seem supremely shady, and with credit ratings downgraded and the failure to

even pay wages at some of their clubs, many have wondered how they might

be able to take on the burden that is the Toffees.

This is a task that requires unwavering commitment and substantial funding.

Even if it won’t be simple to pull this team back from the edge, there is yet hope for the future.

Maybe this mystery buyer, who is guaranteed to provide Everton

with a massive £1 billion in support, could now provide that.

They have to move quickly, though, as it’s generally believed that 777 Partners

will make a choice before the end of the month.

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